Why Liberals Need to be Rich

Money doesn't have to corrupt you. You won't stop being compassionate when your bank account reaches a certain number.

And power doesn't have to be used for evil.

Instead of asking the corrupt rich and powerful to suddenly become fair-minded, progressives can become prosperous and spread the wealth. Through socially-conscious investing, compassionate entrepreneurship, and ethical tax reduction, liberals can simply take over from the greedy fat cats.

In fact, this may be one of the most important things for liberals to do to change the world into a place of equal treatment, where the poor have a chance and diversity is commonplace.

Liberals need more power. And money is power. Gather the money to finance your compassion, and you can become a positive influence and a force for fairness.

Watch this space for techniques for building prosperity without cheating, stomping on the poor, or getting favors from the likes of Trump. 

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