Is Positive Thinking Killing Your Dreams?

Think of the lies positive thinking tells you:

"Things always work out. Life happens just the way it is supposed to. The universe will take care of me. My attitude is attracting good things. When God closes a door, he always opens a window."

These statements are not true. There is no magic out there working on your behalf. Think of all the dreamers whose ship never came in, the millions dying of obesity, the drug addicts wasting their lives; the hordes hoping for miracles that never come.

Things don't always just work out for the better.

Things also don't always work out for the worst.

You make them work. And it takes work. Lots of it.

Here is a real-world phrase that will set you on the path you want: "I am not an optimist or a pessimist; I am a strategist."

Your competition is thinking positively. So are your enemies. You have to do what they are not. You have to get up early, get moving and don't let up. Do that extra pushup, that extra phone call, that extra learning, writing, creating, organizing, networking; following up.

Get out of the fortune-telling business. The stars don't align. You align yourself with reality. You work with cause and effect and put out tons of effort. You can be wrong, and you will need to adjust your strategy.

"Things" are not going your way and "things" are not working against you. Things just sit there. Only you can move them.

Positive thinking gives you the feeling that you have already succeeded. It steals your motivation. It kills your dreams. Then, when you see your dreams go by unfulfilled, you may try to comfort yourself with "It wasn't meant to be."

Nothing is "meant" to be.

You must do the things all the positive thinkers are not doing. Stop the magical thinking. No fate, no destiny, no kind universe, no God doing special favors.

Just you, your brains, your persistence, your strategy, your resilience.

It's the 21st century. Give up counting on magic. There are no angels, demons, gods or "laws of attraction" guiding events in your life.

Get busy. Get strong. Get going.


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