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From Fatness to Fitness: A man’s guide for getting his body back.

Yoga in the park won’t cut it. Long walks along the beach holding hands with your girl won’t do a damn thing. Parking in the furthest parking space at the mall is a form of self-delusion-you might burn one extra calorie, and that won’t make a bit of difference to your fitness.
You are a man. You can’t do the things women do to get fit. The suggestions above all come from fitness advice for women.
You have to do man stuff.
No, “man stuff” is not gulping beers at the sports bar. It is about one thing: building muscle. After all the advice about eating carbs vs. protein, taking up running or drinking shakes for dinner, the one thing that is going to work and work for good is putting on muscle.
Because muscle burns more calories than fat. Period. If you put on muscle, you will burn more calories every day, even on days you don’t work out. Get it? Got it? Good.
Now here is the good news for you, if you are out of shape. Anything you do in the exercise department will add muscle.…
Stop Messing with Your Investments And Start Making Money

You study and study a company before buying its stock. Then 24 hours later you regret buying it. You promise yourself you will wait a week and see how it is doing, but two days later you bail out when the stock drops.
Maybe you find a solid stock you can stick with. Six months later, when it hasn’t done much, you get bored with it and sell.
Cut out all the hand-wringing already. Sheesh. You must never get any sleep.
There is a way to invest that is very likely to make you money, and you won’t have to check your investment every five minutes. In fact, you can check it as little as once a year.
The Odds of “Beating the Market”
The “market” is large, but the S&P 500 follows 500 stocks and is considered one of the best measures of how the market performs. Since 1926, the S&P 500 has averaged a 12% return annually. So that’s the “market” you desire to “beat.”
If you were very educated about stocks and had all day every day to …
Breakup Boot Camp for Men: The Real Way to Get Over a Breakup
I had the worst. The big bad breakup. You know, the kind where your self-esteem gets shredded and you get the feeling she objects to the fact that you are on this planet. And like other wretched men, I searched online for anything, anything that would help me get out of the pain.
I finally had to admit that the advice I found-even from professionals-was inadequate and I was in this alone. Then I found it. Deep inside. The way to end the pain. It worked, and it worked big time.
Some sources say it will take 18 months to get over your breakup. Not me. I don’t have that kind of time to waste. So I dug deep, and figured it out. I would not wish such pain on anyone, so I am sharing what I did. I wrote this for men, because I am a man. I plan to write the female version as soon as I get enough input from women who have successfully stopped the pain.
For now, here you go guys:
If you have had a bad breakup, your body, mind, and h…